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From as far back as I can remember, my head has always been in the creative clouds. I was forever (and sometimes to my own detriment) hyper focused on my next big idea. From doodling, painting, sculpting, crafting jewelry to crocheting, sewing or writing, my impulses were always much stronger than my focus on school or chores, which also kept me in trouble a lot of days. Channeling the creative brain is tough, especially for young children. 

I attended a wonderful public high school in Memphis, TN that focused on the arts but it was also during these years that my life took me towards another passion; Aviation.

In 1997, I attained my license to become an aircraft mechanic and began an amazing journey working on both small and large (commercial) aircraft. I have been with my wonderful airline for 27 years. 

In 2017, after putting art on the back burner for nearly 20 years to pursue my journey in aviation, I was asked by my daughter to paint a few canvas pieces to auction off for a non-profit she'd been working with through her elementary years. Reluctantly, I pulled out a few long-stored boxes of old paint and canvases and, little did I know, that old deep-rooted spark would be reignited. 

Creating art again was the easy part. Sharing it with the world, though, was something altogether different...and scary. Keeping it my little secret, sharing it with only those closest to me, had always been the norm. The vulnerability I felt at the thought of my work being seen by others had always been more than I could bear. In the grand scheme of art, I was a tiny speck in a sea of amazing talent. 

In 2018, I decided to let all of my fears go and share my passion for art. Looking back over this short period of time, I've found that some of my biggest blessings have been as a result of doing so. 

For me, art is what my heart can't convey in words. It's what my feelings look like. These days, to keep me away from painting would feel a lot like someone holding a hand tightly to my mouth, robbing me of my voice. I am a huge people-person who truly loves and gives with all I have, whether you are a long time friend or someone I've only spoken to over social media or while waiting in the line at the grocery store; good hearts always shine and I'll welcome one into my world without hesitation. The thing that makes my heart smile most is encouraging others to be their best self. I am an old soul who believes in everyone. My hope is that my art will always evoke a special memory or positive emotion, something that connects us in a way that is meaningful and lasting. I can assure you, every single piece I create comes with a small piece of my heart. 

 Thank you for your support and please feel free to reach out with any specific requests in the contact form listed below. 


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