Life Can't Tie Her Down

Life Can't Tie Her Down

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I watched my beautiful 12 year old play from the studio window as I created this painting. I never know what she's thinking or the direction she's heading because her creative impulses take her from one idea to the next so quickly that it seems she simply walks random through life most days. She is one of the most determined little ladies I know; if she wants to make it happen, she will. It was this piece that gave me the idea for my sunflower collection which I chose to name Some Just have to Chase the Sun.  This beautiful original piece entitled Life Can't Tie Her Down would make a great gift for the strong and determined woman in your life. Maybe it is your mother, your grandmother, your daughter or friend. Maybe that strong and determined woman is you and guess what? You deserve it for yourself! Always remember the strength it takes to keep your face to the sun, despite life's storms.  

20x20 original acrylic 

Gallery Wrapped, high profile canvas

Varnished to gloss finish

Frame not included 

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